How to make and use an anvil in Minecraft ?

Looking for the recipe for the anvil in Minecraft ? Or how to use this block ? An anvil in Minecraft is a great tool to have, you can use it to repair and rename items, as well as combine enchanted items or create enchantment books.

anvil minecraft
An anvil

The anvil is similar to a grindstone, however, all items used on the anvil will keep its enchantments. An anvil can be damaged over time and has a 12% chance of being damaged each time it is used – this does not affect the function of the anvil, but it will wear out until it is finally destroyed. It is not possible to repair an anvil, so you will need to keep the Minecraft anvil recipe handy. An anvil can also be damaged and destroyed by falling. It acts in the same way as falling sand, gravel, concrete powder and dragon eggs.

In addition to mining an anvil with a pickaxe, anvils can also be made via the following craft :

Anvil Recipe in Minecraft

If you’re looking to learn how to make an anvil in Minecraft, you’ve come to the right place. You will need the following ingredients for the Minecraft anvil recipe :

craft anvil minecraft
Craft anvil : 3 iron blocks and 4 iron ingots.

In the crafting grid, place the three iron blocks in the top row, one iron ingot in the middle square and three iron ingots in the bottom row.

Using the anvil to repair items

Repairing objects on your anvil in Minecraft requires materials and experience. When you repair objects, you will need to use the damaged object with the same material or object. For example, if you are repairing an iron pickaxe, you will need to use iron as the material.

fix minecraft object with anvil
The technique to repair an iron pickaxe with the anvil.

One of the advantages of using an anvil is that if you sacrifice an item to repair damaged items, all enchantments will be transferred from the sacrificed item. This can produce combinations of enchantments that you cannot always create using an enchantment table. If you transfer higher level enchantments, it will cost you more and it should be noted that the anvil has a limit of 39 levels, and will refuse repairs beyond that limit.

Renaming items with the anvil

Renaming items using an anvil will cost experience. Some chests and equipment can be renamed and will display the name in their GUI when placed. The maximum length for renaming items is 35 characters and the following items have special effects when renamed.

  • Creatures : Renaming tags allows you to use them on Minecraft creatures
  • Weapons : Renamed weapons that kill another player, make the name appear in the death message
  • Appearance egg : Renaming a creature egg gives birth to a monster with that name
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