Poison – Minecraft Horror Map – 1.16.5

We are going to present you a horror map : “POISON“, an excellent horror map, very immersive, not to be put in the hands of the most sensitive or the youngest !

The creator of the map, PatotatoMan, is known for having also created other horrific maps : Demon Brain and Pacheco’s Hell. POISON is a continuation of these, a Minecraft adventure filled with horror, terror and constant action.

Here are some rules to follow :

  • This map must be played in Minecraft version 1.16.5
  • There is no limit of players to play this map ! But everyone must start together
  • A resource pack is present in the file you download, remember to install it (it is mandatory to use it)
  • Play with a render of 10 chunks
  • Turn off the music
  • Read the rules included in the map

As the map is in English, here is what you should remember from the first tutorial :

  • Creatures can’t go through the small spaces between the walls
  • You can hide in the closets, you have to open it and enter while crouching
  • Some chests are only accessible after seeing a dialog
  • To open some doors, you will need keys
  • Security cameras can only be activated by walking on the pressure plate



As a reminder the map must be played in 1.16.5, there are two links, the first one is a link with ads before the download (which allows the creator to earn some money), the second one is direct :

📥 Download Poison / Download Poison (without ads)

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✅ Sources : PlanetMinecraft / Minecraftmaps

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