Snowy Ice 16x 1.8.9 PvP Texture Pack

Fans of snow and frost themed packs are definitely gonna love Snowy Ice 16x 1.8.9 PvP Texture Pack as it brings them frosty weapons and amor.

This very good looking Bedwars PvP texture pack gives players tons of immersion especially those who love playing in winter themes.

One of the best feelings in the world is to be able to enjoy player versus player while sending chills down your opponents spines. This pack can help you attain that.

What is Snowy Ice 16x 1.8.9 PvP Texture Pack

This frosty UHC PvP Texture pack was themed after winter warriors and icy weapons. It contains retextures that will definitely benefit fans of the frost lords.

It comes complete with retextures for your diamond armor and weapon sets to change them from aquamarine to light blue fully replicating the color of ice.

This 16x resource pack comes equipped with most of the essential PvP features that you could be looking for in a pack.

To add as a finishing touch it is fully immersive and also modifies the food and consumable textures. It also has a bow indicator and a nifty ender pearl redesign.

Snowy Ice 16x 1.8.9 PvP Texture Pack - 1

Is 16x Snowy Ice PvP Pack Worth the Download

If you are looking for a pack that can help you immerse yourself in terms of providing you with ice themed weapons and armor retextures then this would be a good pick.

The armor and weapon redesigns look so cool that they make the game look more chilly. Would be very immersive if you tag along a polar bear together with you.

To fully enjoy this pack to it’s highest potential it is recommended to download Optifine 1.8.9 to benefit from the full enhancements form this texture pack.


  • Nifty looking diamond armor and weapon retextures
  • Clean and slick design for better performance
  • Well optimize resources for smoother PvP experience


  • The armor retextures have room for improvement
  • Tools can be made even better
  • Only retextures PvP related items and equipment

Snowy Ice 16×16 PvP Preview

Snowy Ice 16x 1.8.9 PvP Texture Pack - 2
Snowy Ice 16x 1.8.9 PvP Texture Pack - 3
Snowy Ice 16x 1.8.9 PvP Texture Pack - 4

How to Download 16x Snowy Ice PvP Texture Pack:

Step 1: How to Download from

If this is your first time downloading from our site, rest assured downloading from minecraft-resourcepacks is safe.  Before downloading review the basics of how to download a pack here.

Step 2: Download Optifine

Before attempting to download and install, you need to have Optifine to ensure the texture pack will run properly.

Step 3: Download Texture Pack

To start, download the zip file from the link below. Place the zip file into your Minecraft Resource Pack folder.

To find the folder easily, go to Minecraft’s options menu and navigate to resource packs>open resource pack folder. Alternatively, use the table below to see which file directory your folder is stored in.

File Locations of Minecraft Resource Packs Folder:


~/Library/Application Support/minecraft


With the resource pack folder open, place the zip file inside. Finally, activate the texture pack in-game via Minecraft’s resource pack menu on the game menu.

Snowy Ice 16x 1.8.9 PvP Texture Pack Download

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